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For all of you repeat readers, I want you to check out a trailer for a movie that just gained entry to the Big Apple Film Festival. The film is a short romantic comedy called “Crotchless” and is directed by a good friend of mine named Billy Bessas. I had the privelage of seeing this film at it’s world premiere and I cannot wait to see it in front of a festival audience. So for all of you in the area, go see “Crotchless” at the Big Apple Film Festival on November 1st at 6 PM at the Tribeca cinemas. If you stay through the credits you might see a familiar name in the “Executive Producer” title.


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I See You……


I realize I’ve been overly negative lately so I figured I’d spend a little time on one of the fastest rising careers in Hollywood, and that belongs to Mr. Sam Worthington. To most readers, his name might not mean a thing, but when you see his face you’ll quickly recognize him as Jake Sully from the James Cameron epic “Avatar”. Once upon a time, Sam lived out of his car, an Australian actor with little film credits to his name when he booked the role of a lifetime. Sam was stellar in Avatar, and has since booked an INSANE amount of projects that have continued to put his name on the map. Now, this post may seem a little random but I recently watched “Last Night” which he did with Academy Award Nominee Keira Knightley, and then got a chance to watch the trailer for his upcoming film “Man on a Ledge”. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll know I take an interest in random actors aka Michael Fassbender, but it seems Michael Fassbender is guaranteed an Oscar Nom this year for a wide variety of films, Mr. Worthington is well off his chance of taking home Osacar gold. Now this doesn’t mean his work isn’t worth seeing, I love what he’s able to do and I love that he’s been able to carry his own in BIG budget movies. Check out the trailer for “Man on a Ledge” and make sure to buy a ticket to Avatar 2 when it drops in 2014.

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The trailer for the much anticipated “J. Edgar” starring Leonardo Dicaprio has finally been released and unfortunately I find myself a little indifferent about it. Listen, I get it, it’s Clint Eastwood with Leo in the lead so I’m sure this movie will be fantastic but from my first time through the trailer it seems like there is an insane amount of over-acting in this movie. If you look back at my earlier posts, I predicted both Leonardo Dicaprio and Armie Hammer will win Oscars for this movie, but I’m not 100% sold on it now.These are all assumptions I’m making from a single trailer so don’t write this movie off as a failure, see for yourself and let’s discuss!

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No More Gold For Bobby

Sadly, it has been 20 years since Robert De Niro was last nominated for an Oscar (1991 for Cape Fear), and lately it’s becoming more and more obvious that the days of De Niro being De Niro are over. If you take a look at Robert De Niro’s filmography on Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll see a lot of films over the last ten years that have received a “rotten” rating. By the late 1990s into the 2000s it looked like De Niro was leaning towards becoming a staple in the world of comedy with the Meet The Parents trilogy and the Analyze This-Analyze That series. Lately however, with films like Limitless, Stone, Righteous Kill, and others, his drama acting seems so forced and unnatural. Say what you want about his age, but other actors like Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman have received countless accolades over the last few years and they’re older than De Niro.  In no way am I insulting his career in general, if you read some of my other blogs you’ll see I label him as one of the 4 greatest actors ever, but it’s safe to say that his strive for Oscar gold is dead. So, next time you find yourself watching a De Niro film, raise your glass and toast to a career that fizzled and faded into the sunset.

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